YEAR 12 - NCEA Level 2

Year 12 students will enter NCEA Level 2, or a combination of Levels 1 and 2.
Students will study 6 or 7 subjects for NCEA Level 2. In order to qualify for a Level 2 National Certificate, students must gain at least 80 credits, at least 60 of which must be at Level 2 or higher.
To undertake many post-school options, Level 2 Literacy is required. This consists of 10 credits from specific standards, 5 of which must be in Reading and 5 in Writing. Check with your English teacher for details.

Students, with assistance from Small Group Leaders, teachers, academic advisors, careers advisors and parents will select the course to best meet their needs.


  • Students study a total of 6 to 7 subjects – but must select 9 subjects to ensure timetable fit. Please select in order of preference, with your first subject being the one that you most want to do.
  • English is compulsory, and Mathematics is strongly recommended.
  • It is strongly recommended that students select a balance between Arts and Science/Maths subjects to ensure flexibility should their career aspirations alter in the future.
  • The sixth and seventh subject can be any other subject.
  • Study Lines will be allocated as required by careers staff.
  • Students selecting any National Certificate Course must complete ENG22 or ENG32. These courses offer standards required to complete National Certificates AND meet NCEA Level 2 Literacy requirements. 
  • As a guideline, students will not be able to take more than 2 subjects from the same learning area, e.g. only 2 subjects of Engineering Skills, Building Construction, Metal Technology and Automotive are allowed. 

If there is a possibility that a student will go to University or Polytechnic to complete a degree course, or if he/she has the ability and desire to study at the highest level, they should consider the following guidelines:

  • Five of the subjects must be from the ‘Approved Subject List’ . This will prepare them for the rigours of University study in the future.

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