YEAR 11 - NCEA Level 1

Year 11 students will enter NCEA Level 1. This is a base level qualification and indicates a student’s achievement in a range of curriculum areas, usually in their third year of secondary schooling. In order to qualify for a Level 1 National Certificate, students must gain at least 80 credits, including at least 10 credits in Literacy and 10 credits in Numeracy.

Students studying Level 1 NCEA take a wide range of subjects ensuring they continue with a broad education and leave doors open for future pathways.

Subject Selection Rules

  • All year 11 students must study 7 subjects, but select 9 to ensure timetable fit.
  • All year 11 students must study an ENGLISH, MATHS, PE/CAREERS (this is ALS12 and will be chosen for you) and a SCIENCE course. You will be put in the subject by teacher recommendation. This can only be changed by discussion with the Leader of Learning.
  • Choose THREE more subjects that you would like to do.
  • Choose TWO 'backup subjects'.
  • Select ALL subjects carefully as YOU MAY GET ANY COMBINATION OF 3 OF YOUR 5 CHOICES, depending on timetable constraints and/or numbers.

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