L2 Drama

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Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Thompson

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Level 2 Drama will challenge ākonga through learning from all strands of the Drama Curriculum and offers ākonga the chance to gain 22 credits towards Level Two NCEA. The course will provide transferable knowledge and skills that can be applied to critical, social and work related contexts The ākonga will learn about a special theatre forms (Elizabethan and physical theatre), examine the work of a playwright and use this to devise their own performances. Students will also prepare an acting role for a scripted performance. Throughout the year, they will also view live theatre in preparation for an external exam.  This exam allows students to gain an endorsement for Drama. Drama will provide the backdrop of support and encouragement for ākonga to develop specific skills and techniques.

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L3 Drama

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$40 Script Book Bond
$70 approx for recommended attendance at professional theatre performances