Y10 Te Reo Maori (Half Year)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms D. Rahurahu

Recommended Prior Learning


Te Reo Maori is a course designed to give students skills and knowledge in preparation for Te Reo Maori at NCEA Level 1. Students are required to seek whānau support for independent research on Tribal identity. As a class, students will be assessed by peer assessment and group work.

Key competencies and our core values are essential elements within this Te Reo Maori class. Basic tikanga and marae protocols are taught within a safe learning environment.

NOTE – you can take Te Reo Maori for a half year or for the full year. If you wish to take Te Reo Maori in Year 11 it is a pre-requisite that you take the full year course, unless you have discussions prior with Teacher In Charge.
If you wish to take Te Reo Maori for the FULL year, please select it 10REO2 (Y10 Te Reo Maori Full Year)

Learning Areas:



L1 Te Reo Maori