Y10 Japanese (Full Year)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Rennie

Recommended Prior Learning


Learn to get by in everyday life in Japan. You will be able to talk all about yourself, your world and the people and places in your life. You will learn hiragana and katakana so that you can read and write text as well as being able to speak Japanese. You will also learn more about how Japanese works as you move towards greater independence in the language. Do this through a range of games, stories, online activities, songs, group and individual activities. You will also learn more about Japan’s geography, history, food, and culture. This course lays the foundation for Year 11 Japanese. You cannot take Japanese in Year 11 without having taken Japanese in Year 10.

NOTE – you can take Japanese for a half year or for the full year. It is a prerequisite for students carrying on to Year 11 Japanese to take the full year course, unless with prior discussion with Miss Rennie.
If you wish to take Japanese for a half year, please select it 10JAP (Y10 Japanese). Select this course if you wish to take it for the full year.

Learning Areas: